Pamela Carter (Writer / Dramaturge)

Pamela Carter is a playwright and dramaturg.

Her work as writer for untitled includes: Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner, An Argument About Sex and Slope.

Other plays include: Fast Ganz Nah (Almost Near) directed by Elias Perrig and premiered at Dresden Staatshausspiel April 2013; meat for Peep/Natural Shocks, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012 & 13; Skåne (directed by Tim Carroll at the Hampstead Theatre Downstairs in October 2011; winner of the New Writing Commission at the Berliner Festspiele Stückemarkt 2012); Wildlife for Magnetic North Theatre Company (2011); What We Know (directed by Pamela in a co-production with Traverse Theatre in 2010; published by Nick Hern Books);

She also works as writer with Swedish conceptual artists Goldin+Senneby on The Nordenskiöld Model, their long term-investigation into hedge funds, algorithmic trading and the nature of financial reality. So far ‘scenes’ have been staged in Bucharest, Vilnius, Rotterdam, Stockholm, New York, Aachen and Copenhagen.

Her work as a dramaturg includes: Saturday Night (2011) and the award-winning Interiors (touring internationally since 2009) by Vanishing Point Theatre Co; and, for untitled The Salon Project (2011).

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