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Untitled Projects is working with visual artists Robbie Thomson and Jack Wrigley on their new performance project, The Eye.

Inspired by ideas from George Bataille’s pornographic novella, The Story of the Eye, the performance will explore contemporary attitudes to mediated sexual acts, with the image of the ‘eye’ as a central symbol. The project will ultimately take the form of a live performance, which will activate a large and detailed kinetic sculpture, an ‘erotic machine’ that incorporates mechanical objects, automata, computer programming, moving image and sound design.

In light of UK Government attempts to censure sexual imagery it is important to ask the question: What constitutes the pornographic? With debates in Scotland around legislating against sexual activity in live performance, the artist’s right to explore issues of pornography is particularly pertinent.

Jack and Robbie are interested in the phenomena of audience directed action on porn sites such as Cam4. This system could be utilised in the context of live theatre, allowing both a physical audience and a virtual one, with the potential of the virtual audience directing the live performance via the Internet.

Glasgow sculpture studios are supporting the development of The Eye.

Look out for work-in-progress presentation early 2015.


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