Untitled Projects excels at making ambitious and adventurous theatre on a large scale. We embrace taking risks, and in doing so we surprise and challenge our audience. We continually re-imagine what theatre can be: blending landscape, biography, novel, video, lecture, documentary, installation, interview, fashion, music, science and playwriting. Rooted in Scotland, we pride ourselves in a far-reaching international outlook.

Our work has some common themes driving it. We are interested in contemplating the future, and we work with academics and scientists to imagine how our current obsessions as a society might eventually play out. We also explore cultural history, completely reinventing our source material in the process, so it speaks loudly and clearly to our contemporaries. Our audience is always at the centre of what we do and is often to be seen as an involved presence in our projects.

Each of our projects is imagined individually, with a specific group of exceptional freelance artists and practitioners coming together to collaborate. We devise our work over a long period of time. Our core team consists of:

Artistic Director – Stewart Laing
Executive Producer – Louise Irwin

Paul Hamlyn Foundation