Untitled Projects makes large-scale theatre using cultural history as a device to navigate our collective present and possible futures. The company continually re-assesses how theatre can manifest itself: blending landscape, biography, novel, video, lecture, documentary, installation, interview, fashion, modelmaking, science and playwriting. Based in Scotland we look beyond our borders for our narratives and inspiration.

Untitled Projects has produced four ambitious and distinctive pieces of theatre in Scotland over the past twelve years. The company has recently received recognition for their exceptional vision with funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Breakthrough Fund. Primarily, this is to raise the profile of the company, and create a stable environment for the work to be developed continuously, allowing future productions to have a longer life and be seen further afield in the UK and mainland Europe.

Stewart Laing formed Untitled Projects in 1998. Each project is driven by a personal aesthetic vision that attempts to re-configure the conventions of theatrical space. Each project is imagined individually and a different approach is taken to each, with a specific group of freelance practitioners every time.

The productions could more easily be described as ‘events’, that require complex support and planning in their presentation and execution.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation